Sensory hypersensitivity / Sensory overload in 17 languages

We would like to explain something about sensory hypersensitivity /sensory overload after braininjury / Acquired Brain Injury in as many languages as possible.

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Feb 15th De results of a scientific research are published. A translation will follow soon. 

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The publication can be read on the page: Onderzoek Overprikkeling


Based on the research, the definition of sensory hypersensitivity due to Brain Injury has been made more stringent. This has resulted in the following definition:
Sensory hypersensitivity due to brain injury is a mental health state of an exhausting situation that has a neurological origin and that arises when more cognitive, emotional and sensory (including proprioceptive and vestibular) information (in the form of stimuli) is received than the brain can process.


It can result in:
• general neuro-vegetative imbalance* (autonomic nervous system) with a fight, flight, or freeze response and/or
• a short-term or long-term aggravation of neurological and cognitive brain injuries and/or
• and short or long-term presentation of neurological and cognitive brain injury complaints.


There may be single complaints or combinations of neurovegetative, neurological, cognitive or emotional brain injury complaints
The severity of the complaints can fluctuate depending on the number of stimuli and whether or not stacked stimuli and varying daily energy. The severity of the complaints can differ individually and can be influenced by the location and severity of the brain injury, general physical and mental condition, personality characteristics, developmental or anxiety disorders and in particular also additional disorders of the senses, which may or may not develop acutely or develop slowly and for example medication use.
* definition of neuro-vegetative complaints = symptoms of the disease that can arise when the nervous system that independently (unwillingly) takes care of the control of various organs is disrupted.

 In 2019, we received the Gold medal of honor for particularly good work for people with brain injuries.

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