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We received in May 2019 the Gold medal of honor for particularly good work for people with brain injuries. (see this link)

English + 12 other languages

We would like to explain something about overstimulation /sensory overload after braininjury in as many languages as possible.
If you can make a contribution in your language, or report an improvement, we are very happy with that! Please contact us if you can help us out.


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International Day of Overstimulation after brain injury

June 23

On Sunday June 23 2019, the International Day of Overstimulation will take place again. This special day was launched in 2017 by our foundation to help raise awareness about the symptom of overstimulation that can be caused by a brain injury. The 2019 theme is "Understanding starts with recognition". Read more:

英語(またはスペイン語、あるいは他の言語の1つ)からうまく翻訳でき、エラーのない日本語を書くことができますか? そのページを日本語に翻訳して送信しますか。
事前にどうもありがとうございました。 私たちは自発的に働き、残念ながら支払うことができません。 感謝します。 :)